Monday, July 29, 2013

Have you seen the headlines from Saturday's Desert Sun?

June median price hits $266,500 - a 33.3 percent jump from June 2012. If you follow the market at all as an interested Seller or impatient Buyer, the reasons for the big change in median price is no secret ... There just isn't enough inventory out there making this a Seller's market (even while interest rates are hovering just off bottom of the norm). If you're a Seller or bringing your property to market soon, ensure you have prepared your property for market. While you're concentrating on the big things, don't forget the little ones. You may be renovating on a small or larger scale but to whatever degree, ensure that you understand how much return you can expect on the work you are doing; plus, if you are only working on one room, make the rounds and clean or replace the grout where needed, fill the nail and screw holes, fix that dent in the drywall and touchup the paint with a final note on ensuring everything is de-cluttered. If the Buyer can't determine that their furniture will fit, they probably can't see themselves in your home. These thoughts also extend to the exterior - neat, clean, etc. As a Buyer, the best thing you can do is get preapproved and be ready. When your Realtor calls to show you property, be aware that it has or will shortly be garnering the attention of numerous other potential buyers. If you are ready with a pre-approval and proof of funds, you'll give yourself a big advantage over others thinking they have lots of time ... The Real Estate world has changed ... if you are not a prepared Buyer, it's like going to bat without the bat ... success is not likely. Ensure your success ... take counsel with a Realtor for the best chance at success. Roger A. Sullivan 760-610-3245